Who Does The Real Gospel Glorify? Christ, Man Or Satan?

Who Does The Real Gospel Glorify? Christ, Man Or Satan?

Who receives the glory of the gospel today? Is it Christ or Men? How can we know when God’s glory has been covered by men? And how can we avoid taking God’s glory?

Furthermore, how are men taking the glory that belongs to Christ today, and what are the dangers of taking God’s glory?

Let us begin with the ultimate purpose of man. The ultimate purpose of creation is to give glory to God and nothing else. Even as we work, give birth, and pursue our careers, if it does not glorify God, it is a waste of purpose.

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created” (Rev. 4:11).

However, there are challenges we face today regarding the glory that has robbed us of our ability to see Christ again. Man has taken the center stage in spiritual leadership, and the glory that belongs to Christ has been taken in many places.

When God works through man by signs and wonders, man tends to think more of himself and therefore thinks he deserves some honor than others. Man’s desire for honor can turn him to idolatry, where man becomes the standard that Christ should take.

  • Man’s continuous reference to any object, such as candles, oil, chairs, suits, handkerchiefs, or combs, as a reference of miracle instead of Christ, makes the glory that belongs to Christ to be shared or even taken away by objects.
  • Man’s continuous desire to turn others to their subjects in such a way that they want to be revered much more than others, they want you never to challenge them of the word of God, and seek so much glory and honor. The worst is the teaching of honoring men that is now one of the greatest teachings in Christendom. A child of God is never disrespectful, but they should never give the honor of worship to man. 

Many times we have been taught that honoring and seeking men is so important that a new convert becomes a Christian and instead of looking for Christ, they are looking for men to “Papa” or “Mama” them. We have elevated honor to idolatry. The last time your GO came visiting, instead of everyone going to the altar to pray after the sermon, all were busy sitting on his chair and covering themselves with his suit. Who is taking the glory?

  • When a sermon ends, what do the people want to do? Do they want to know Christ more or know the preacher more? Many times, they want to know the preacher more because the preacher has only preached himself and relegated Christ to the background.
  • A preacher preaches himself when all he talks about is what he does and not what Christ does or what Christ can do. You can tell if a sermon gives glory to Christ both during and after the sermon.
  • We have elevated some men like God. Anything they do is right, even if it’s contrary to the gospel. We throw away our Bibles and listen to them.
  • You cannot preach on Facebook without your picture. Are you preaching Christ or yourself? Is it your beauty we want to see or the beauty of Christ?
  • You cannot quote any Bible verse, but you can quote all your GO’s sermons. It may be because he has taken the place of Christ in you.


What are some other ways where we have relegated Christ’s glory and given it to ourselves today with examples?

So anywhere you see some of the above, it doesn’t matter what they preach, it’s a matter of time before Christ departs. It may have initial growth, but it will end in anarchy, tumult, and religion. Also, not everybody who preaches the gospel is sharing Christ’s glory. If you engage in any of the above, you are already sharing the glory with Christ. You don’t believe God can speak to you, and you must ask your pastor to “see” for you. He decides who you marry, who you visit, when you travel, etc. Anyone the Lord helped you to disciple becomes your daughter or son. So who is their father? You have taken the position of a father that belongs to God alone…

Matt. 23:8-10: “But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.”

We have a lot of this on social media these days. The eyes of many have been shifted away from Christ, just following what man said or their spiritual leader. The truth is that you can’t see beyond the person you follow.

Many have entered challenges through this, the glory that belongs to the shepherd you are given it to men. Men are to validate your encounters never to originate it. We must learn to follow Christ at all times and the less of man. The Bible is the only word that gives the whole depth of God. When you follow men, you cannot see beyond what they see. And anywhere their lenses are bad, yours automatically will not see anything too. You are blind to their blindness.

Many times today, we have covered Christ, we made men not see Him but see us. Today Christianity in Nigeria, by my estimate, less than 25% are Christians for God’s glory. Many are Christians for self-glory.

Let’s expatiate on self-glory and the dangers of it today

  • When we work for God not really for His glory, by many but to get into position, and that is why we cannot stand for God but only stand for men so you don’t rock the boat.
  • We seek anointing not really for the lost souls but for miracles that will bring politicians and bring money and cars.
  • Many times the reason we cannot speak the truth in our Churches is self-glory. You don’t want the leadership to say, “you that we think understands leadership,” etc. You want to manage the situations and be diplomatic.

We have made Christ as if He is not able to give answers to our problems. In time past, when you ask Pastors, they ask if you have gone to pray about your problems and advise to do so. But now, we have men who tell you to bring their problem to yours if they are the Christ that will do it!

Another issue I see worrisome is the emotional attachment to denomination by people without putting Christ first. It seems as if the denomination now takes center stage above what God is saying in His word. As people want to hold onto doctrines even when they have seen clearly from scriptures, they are afraid not to hurt their Pastors or GOs (General Overseer’s) as the case may be. People now are ready to fight for the sake of their denomination and not for the gospel.

The readiness of our hearts is getting cold, and if we don’t allow the Spirit of God to speak while we bend the truth, it will be very difficult for churches to know God’s mind. As believers, if we are many here and can hardly get an input, to me, it is a big issue. As we all know, our gathering here is for nothing but Christ. I believe we should anticipate these meetings, and once we are no longer anticipating or participating, it means something is wrong. I pray to God to revive us all with a desire for Him that outweighs anything of this world. God bless you all.

I pray for revival among us here, a desire for more of Him, a desire that outweighs anything of this world, and a life totally lost in Him. We need to rise again; the battle is fierce, and the journey is far. We cannot assume we are fine when things are not fine. We cannot say we are there when we are not there. Let’s rise again. If we would be true with the sword, after sharpening it, we must first try it on ourselves. When you finish sharpening a sword, you test it first on yourself before taking it to battle. Let’s test the word on ourselves this time and see the sharpening effect of it.

I pray for us to rise into the battlefield and for grace to continue to be lost for God.

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