What Could Possibly Kill Your Fire After An Encounter?

What Could Possibly Kill Your Fire After An Encounter?

Every one of us has had great encounters at different times. However, to be sincere with ourselves, have we fully retained our fire after those encounters? If we had successfully kept our fire over every opportunity of new encounters, we would not be where we are presently. That means there has been a moment of leakage.

What causes leakages after great encounters? 

Lack of daily consecration can cause this. The feeling of ‘I am good’ before God, ‘Let me rest,’ ‘It’s not bad if I quickly see that movie,’ and not taking heed to continue to study the Word and commune with the Holy Spirit. From experience, I think a Christian should not relax for a day. Daily consecration and consistency are key. That feeling that the high voltage I just got from the program will surely sustain my next one week without having to pray so much or keep to my spiritual activities is another major thing.

Activities and cares of life are also significant factors. Let’s note together again today that Having An Encounter May Be God’s Benevolence And Duty To Do, But Keeping The Fire/Sustaining The Experience Is Our Duty To Perform. 

Another point I want us to note, which we may not have noticed before, is that our change of spiritual level due to the new encounter may require much more than we have ever been doing before the encounter.

 A child that is adequately growing cannot be expected to be sustained with the same meal and diet size as growth comes. Your new encounter may require that you increase the time you pray in the Spirit from 30 minutes (former needed level to refresh yourself) to 1 hour 30 minutes.

The encounter we had over the weekend is placing a great demand upon us to structure practicable ways and spiritual activities to sustain our fire. Keeping our fire requires self-sincerity and a deliberate effort. Personally, from my experience in time past, I noticed that there have been people who once had a greater encounter than we ever did but lost it and never mattered in the things of God after the encounter. Thank God Peter could retrace his steps. But you try and imagine how he still fumbled after the mount of transfiguration experience! What we received over the weekend may not last a week if care is not taken.


Just like a normal way of putting more wood and other fuel material to sustain the burning of a fire, our spiritual fire through each encounter must be sustained by spiritual fueling materials which are: the studying of the WORD OF GOD and consistent prayer time. Having known something about God, the very moment He reveals Himself (on a certain level) to us and we are still wowed about His awesomeness revealed, He has already left that level, such that the names we might start calling Him based on that encounter no longer befits His greatness. Therefore, panting and yearning for more of Him and tireless pursuit of His Person is one sure way to sustain our fire. Keeping a bond with friends whose presence around you smear and spray prayer spirit upon you should not be played with. The environment is key to the sustenance of any fire. Every fire needs three key things to keep burning, and part of the three things is oxygen. Any environment where there is a shortage or lack of oxygen will reduce the burning of the fire or kill it respectively. Constant checkup of your personal spiritual state under strict sincerity. Examine yourself daily.

2 Corinthians 13:5 (KJV) says, “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?”

For some people, Jesus is in them as a co-tenant with besetting sin. For others, Jesus is in them as a tenant, while for some, He is in them as the Landlord, even though they may feel shut up and unable to dictate how, when and where they move their lives.

Friends are an important part of every Christian’s environment. However, if a friend does not provide oxygen to fuel your fire, it can lead to a gradual reduction in the burning of one’s fire. Nonetheless, spending time with friends who share your passion and pursuits can be invaluable.

Let’s Pray

Our Father, we thank you for the deep things of the kingdom that you have made us partakers of. As you focus on us and raise us up as true members of the body of Christ, may we receive grace and strength to do our part in the kingdom to bring our lives to you fully spent and completely emptied for Your course. Help us to keep this fire and sustain this encounter with you. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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