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God Seekers General Solemn Assembly

                                           September 21 – 24, 2023
Our Story

The group started because of prayer burdens ignited by the Holy Spirit in the heart of Bro Seun Oloruntoba. This generated some spontaneous prayer sessions in some odd places, such as in wood on the campus of Obafemi Awolowo University, with few willing hearts about six or seven in number. The burdens have since metamorphosed into a quarterly Solemn Assembly that is attended by both virtual and on-site participants in different parts of the world like South Africa, the United States, Europe, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Nigeria.

Our Vision

To labour that, all men and women that are associated with God Seekers are consistently exposed to Christ in all His fullness, with a strong quest for intimacy with God and being like Him the ultimate objective of walking with Him with eternity in view.

Our Mission

To consistently act as a non-denominational platform for nurturing men with the foundational character of holiness and maturing them to walk in all the fullness of the Apostolic dimensions, with Christ as the Centerpiece and Cornerstone of our pursuit and growing in this fullness with eternity in view.

Our Mandate

To know God in all His fullness, that which qualifies us as Gatekeepers and Ambassadors for the Kingdom anywhere we are assigned by the Master. To continuously yield ourselves at His altar, desiring nothing more than Him passionately from our heart and becoming an extension of God by manifesting through us in all forms and earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saint (Jude 3)

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