Kingdom keys: how important they are

Kingdom keys: how important they are

(MATTHEW 16:17-19)

As Christians, it sometimes appears as though things do not get rosy the way we ought to be seeing them. Although there are waiting times where God in His sovereignty might decide to do as He wishes, however, on other times, failure to activate kingdom keys could really affect us from getting the supernatural.

Our shouts, our force, our knocks, our movement, our gestures and all other factors do not open these doors but rather give attention to the door opener. What responds to closed doors are just keys. We need to understand that revelation is the bedrock of Christianity as Christ told Peter “flesh and blood has not revealed this but my father …”

It is our duty to activate these doors because the keys have been given to us else we remain frustrated. The keys are:

  1. The Key of Thanksgiving: Psalm 100; 4: This key is very important. It is the enter key. TMB (Enter His gate with the passcode “THANK YOU”. We need to be appreciative and stop complaining so that when we log in, other icons will appear.
  2. The Praise Key: Psalm 22:3. God inhabits in the praise of His people. The praise key signifies His presence. 2 Chronicles 20 pictures how God used this key to destroy three nations. As believers we need to consistently praise God in as much we want Him to raise us.
  3. The Prayer Key: We cannot afford to sideline this key. Prayer is the key that helps us to communicate with God. We pray in faith and using the name of Jesus. Apostle Paul says “Three times I kneel before the father….” Are you afflicted? Then pray! Prayer is pivotal as any other key because through it we know what to do. Act 6:4
  4. The Word key: This is the key of overcoming life challenges. The Word Key also helps us not to sin against God. (Psalm 119:9-11). Until you are worded, you will be “war-den-ed”. Wars of life would overcome such a person. How vast are you with scriptures? Do you understand scriptures? Your prayer language is the Word of God. Be filled with it (Col 4:16)
  5. The Giving Key:  The Kingdom is also based on reward.  For us to be blessed, we need to firstly give ourselves and other needs as the Lord demands. The Macedonia church was known to be a giving church, whatsoever a man sows, he will surely reap and God cannot be mocked. Therefore, our life, time, money, talents should be used to the glory of God.
  6. The Key of Forgiveness: To err is human and to forgive is divine. Several people fail to receive God’s help because they refuse to forgive thereby putting themselves in bondage. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us…. This kingdom key is important. Who are those that have offended you to the point that you have decided not to forgive? Ask for grace to forgive and come out from this dangerous lock.
  7. The Key of Study: 2 Tim 2:15 Ignorance is actually a dangerous thing. The key to gaining approval is to be studious. Study to show yourself approved. In the world of study, there are new inventions, great ideas, and right words. We need this key in order to gain approval.
  8. The Key of Writing: Hab 2:2-3. For Habakkuk, God told him to “write down “John was also instructed to do the same. (Rev1:19). Many have lost their vision because they do not write down. We need to be guided.
  9. Consistency: Consistency is the key to sustaining glory (Job 14;14). Job waited until his release came. We need to continue the process over and over again. (Mark 1:34)(Luke 4:16)(Dan6:10). We need to be consistent else we drop form and start all over.

Beloved, these keys are what we now possess and not what he will still give us. Let us stop accepting unnecessary fate and stir up our faith by activating these kingdom keys.

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