Veritable Virtues For Greatness

Veritable Virtues For Greatness

Luke 22:24-27; Matthew 18:1-4.

Greatness from the Biblical context (the rule-book by which we live- John 1:4) is quite different from our human perspective of defining greatness as having wealth, power, or an elevated socio-cultural status. On the contrary, the Bible defines greatness as living an extraordinary life of service and humility. From our text, we see Christ’s teaching on the issue of greatness. He first describes what greatness is not. Greatness is not applying forceful physical suppression or bullying of others; it’s not being authoritative or self assertive; it’s not by giving oneself one or many fancy titles. Rather, it is the ability to completely put aside every self-serving disposition and be fully engaged in the service of helping others become better versions of themselves without recourse to any reactive entitlements, expectations or benefits.

There is no other person who demonstrated this attribute of greatness better than our Lord Christ whose greatness culminated in the ultimate sacrifice of His life for all- 1 John 3:16.

There’s an inseparable connection of being great and service with humility and love. Service with genuine concern for others is one of the outlets which demonstrate the kind of nature that dwells within us. We become alien to the commonwealth of Christ when we start living for our selfish benefits while looking at others languishing in lack and spiritual want.

Conclusively, humility with love is a sacrosanct virtue that promotes and establishes any man in authority Acts 20:18,19.

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