Take Away The Dross

Take Away The Dross

Proverbs 25:4; Isaiah 1:25.

Dross is simply an impurity that keeps a substance or someone in a perpetual state of uselessness despite having a glorious potential. Many Christians are not able to become useful entities to God because of the presence of dross in their lives. These drosses keep us away from becoming the very best that God designed us to be. Thus, we live only as shadows of our true self, without achieving the glorious purpose of God for our life, family and our generation.

Impurities build up in an enabling environment of gross abandonment, neglect, and lack of intentional action taken to prevent or quickly deal with it. A shiny substance left unpolished for a long time will build up rust and become covered by impurities to the extent that it becomes unrecognizable and grossly identified as dirt, thereby at risk of being thrown out as garbage. The same applies to Christians when they neglect the grace of God and do not constantly oil the precious gift of eternal life delivered to us at the cross.

Today, God is interested in restoring many whose lives have become mere relics and a shadow of the true potentials of God’s grace over their lives. He said in Isaiah 1:25 “I will thoroughly purge away your dross”. God’s Spirit expressed through His word remains the prime agent of purification in our lives- Malachi 3:3. He seeks to sit upon our lives to discover those filths lodged in the innermost corners of our heart and purge us- Psalm 139:23,24.

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