Zacchaeus Returned What He Took Wrongfully


TEXT:  Luke 19:1-10, 8-9.                                

Zacchaeus also told Jesus that he was ready to return whatever he took from people wrongfully in four portions. He showed he was sorry for what he did and was willing to return what he took wrongly. People who truly repent will be ready to say sorry to Jesus and those they have offended. If they have told a lie they would be willing to go back to those they lied to, to tell the truth, or like Zacchaeus, if they have stolen from people, they would be willing to return what they have stolen without being forced.

Action plan: Are there people you have offended? Are there people you’ve lied to? Make a decision today that you will go back to them and apologize. Also, return whatever you’ve wrongly taken from others.

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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