Serving Self

Serving Self

“…my heart desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge” Romans 10:1,2

Apostle Paul in one of his letters made known his secret prayers, and he did explain how often he prays that Israel might know God- although they were zealous for God, zealous in his work, zealous about his commandments, zealous about the believe of his omnipotence, but Paul still believed they know not God.

To put the above in a clearer perspective, these are men in the service of God, who were not only serving, but do so with zeal, they are zealous without salvation. Serving without holiness, and serving without the knowledge of God in the dispensation of their zealous service. Isn’t this the state of today’s church, too?

Today, we have many workers in the church, but few who are truly serving God; many zealous bible teachers but painfully without the knowledge of the owner of the service in their hearts. The result of such method of service is at play today, where the teachings have no impact, the sermons win no soul and self is the more seen and glorified.

No later than we check our lives and love the owner of the work indeed than the work itself; when we no longer contend to be at the stage to be seen, nor raise our preference for the lectern than the alter shall we see his presence in our service. End the years of serving self, come to the knowledge of God; serve the Lord in truth and in spirit.

Prayer: Search me oh Lord and deliver me from every works of the flesh.

Author: Bro Ahmed Segun.

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