Don’t Be A Careless Watchman

Don’t Be A Careless Watchman

“Now, son of man, I am making you a watchman…warn them for me” Ezekiel 33:7

One of the most sensitive placements in the army is to become a watchman, you know, the sensitivity of the role often requires a thorough assessment of those who are deployed to watch. Imagine a soldier placed as a watchman and sees the enemy flag approaching, yet keeps mum. Closer, and closer the foes approach; nearer, and nearer they step in ranks, yet, the watchman failed to blow his horn, but lost in watching the array of enemy. If such war be turned, the first to be punished is the watchman.

The LORD God, the King of our Heavenly home has ordained us watchmen, to blow alarm against sin in the lives of sinners; the call of God is not just for selected few, but for all. As He did call Ezekiel, and commissioned him a watchman, so were you commissioned as one, to warn sinners against the imminent peril.

Every Christian is duty bound to help sinners see the danger ahead, and that’s the job description of a true watchman, but whether the sinners accept the call of salvation or not is not a thing you can decide but the Holy Spirit, however, you have the responsibility to act your scene. Many Christian are negligent and careless in their watchman duty. They work with sinners and live with them, they transact and talk with them but never once did they witness and play their watchman role over them, despite the imminent destruction upon them.

Today is another day, play your duty as a watchman, warn them for their sin and be guiltless of their blood!  

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