Trusting God

Trusting God

“…In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and I will look up.” Psalms 5:3

What people, and by that I mean believers, call trusting God today is actually opposite to what trusting God means. We hear people say they are trusting God for certain things and never do they wait upon God to hear the mind of the One they trust, nor do they seek help from the One they confess they wait upon. Rather, they are busy crafting out alternatives and ways for themselves on the very subject they declare they trust God upon.

I learnt of a Christian mother, who had nothing at home to feed her children on a faithful day, when the children began to lament for hunger, without a single grain of food at home, she asked the eldest daughter to boil some water. In awe, they did and asked, “Mom, what will you make of water without a grain at home.” Like Abraham, was her reply, the Lord shall provide! While the water was placed on fire to boil, she locked herself up like David and ‘looked up’. Not long into the day, the door of her room received knocks from the children who came to report that the water is ready and hot. She replied; “serve the hot water on the dinning, and again went in ‘looking up’’’!

At the dinning the children were seated for food and the dishes were made ready, they called the mother to bring out whatever she has in the room as they were all set at the dinning. She came out empty, but was still ‘looking up’ (praying) intensely as she walked to the dinning. More shocked were the children that their poor mother brought nothing out to the dinning but when she sat down, she said, let us pray. It seemed all hope was lost and a woman who trusted God was about to be disappointed. But after their prayer as they open their eyes to see the empty table, they found a full cooler of food on the table. The lesson was too great for the young children that they must also learn to trust God and look up.

Like David, who said “…In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and I will look up”. If we will trust God, we must not look unto men, our resources, create alternatives nor chart a path for ourselves. Another problem with contemporary Christians is not prayerlessness, but while many pray they don’t look up for answers. Those who trust God do so absolutely without considering any option, the Excellency of God will stretch you to verify if you have alternatives before He steps into your case; and in the event you do, you will be suffocated to jettison your trust on God. We must take off our sight from other things and be like David, Elijah and Hannah who looked up as they trusted God and were not ashamed!

Author: Bro O. W. Ahmed

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