Looking unto Jesus (Part 2)

Looking unto Jesus (Part 2)

Hebrew 12:1-3.

As we set out in our heavenly race, Jesus is the pacesetter who has shown us the pathway to a victorious Christian life- 1 Peter 2:21. There are various aspects of this life that we can emulate to have the kind of results He had.

-His character: From His youth to the end of His earthly ministry, Jesus acceptably behaved Himself: first toward God, then toward the people around Him- Luke 2:51, 52. Even as master, He lived a distinct life of humility and condescension toward His subordinates- John 13:12-15.

-His faultlessness: Luke 20:26; 23:4. Jesus was faultless in all His dealings, most especially with His antagonists. He dealt with every man in fairness without fear or favor. There was no error in communication, in rebuke, in correction, or defense of the truth.

-His uncompromising nature: Hebrew 4:15. Several temptations from within and outside His circle of disciples came His way, but he had obtained grace to overcome. He never craved nor fancied the allurements that this world offered. Rather, He was content to remain in absolute obedience to the will of the Father.

-His devotion and prayer: it was His habit to be in fellowship with the Father. The dictates of His will and works were received in the place of prayer- Luke 5:16.

-His passion: John 9:4; 4:34. He had a singular drive and purpose that determined His action, inaction, and decisions- to please God. Anything short of pleasing God was avoided, be it the praise of men, the “admonition” of satan, or the fleshly propensities of the disciples.

-His accomplishment and victory: John 17:4; Revelation 3:21. His accomplishments and victory were inevitable with the constant supply of grace and enduement of the Holy Spirit. His posture in the place of prayer was humility, obedience, and total submission. Thus, He possessed the fullness of God without measure. Philippians 2:8-11.

Bro. A. Faola

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