…that your faith may not fail…

…that your faith may not fail…

I have prayed for you . . . that your faith may not fail. (Luke 22:32)

Dear Christian, remember to take good care of your faith, for faith is the only way to obtain God’s blessings. Prayer alone cannot bring answers down from His throne, because it is the earnest prayer of one who believes that leads to answers.

Faith is the communication link between heaven and earth.

It is on this link of faith that God’s messages of love travel so quickly that even before we ask, He answers. And while we are still speaking,“HE hears us”(1 John 5:14).So when the connection of faith is broken, how will we obtain His promises?

Am I in trouble? I can receive help by expressing faith. Am I being battered by the Enemy? My soul will find refuge by leaning in faith upon God. But without faith, I call to Him in vain, for faith is the only road between my soul and heaven.If the road

is blocked, how can I communicate with the great King?

Faith links me to Holy God and clothes me with the power of Jehovah. Faith insures me that each of His attributes will be used in my defense,helping me to defy the hosts of hell. It causes me to march triumphantly over the necks of my enemies.

So without faith, how can I receive anything from the Lord?

Therefore, O Christian, carefully watch your faith. “Everything is possible for him who believes” (Mark 9:23).

We as a people take such pride in being so practical that we want something more sure than faith. Yet Paul said, “The promise comes by FAITH, so that it may . . . be GUARANTEED” (Rom. 4:16).

Faith honors God, and God honors faith.

Culled from streams in the desert

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