Zaccheus Did Not Pretend

Zaccheus Did Not Pretend         

TEXT: Luke 19:1-10, vs3-4                                                                                                           

Zacchaeus knew that he won’t be able to see Jesus because of his stature. He was of small stature and he wasn’t going to pretend he was tall. His stature was enough to stop him from seeing Jesus, yet he was not just going to let Jesus pass by without seeing Him. Just like his stature and the crowd, sin can stop you from seeing Jesus and stop Jesus from visiting you. Zacchaeus did not pretend he was tall enough or pretend that the crowd wasn’t there; he admitted that he needed to do something so that he won’t miss the chance of seeing Jesus. Do you pretend things are okay with you and Jesus when they are not? Don’t pretend so you don’t miss the chance of seeing Jesus.

Action plan: Are there things that are making it difficult for you to draw closer to God as you should? Pray about them and ask Him to take care of them.

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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