Zaccheus Acted Quickly

ZACCHEUS ACTED QUICKLY                           

 TEXT: Luke 19:1-10, vs3-4, 2 Cor.6:2b

Zacchaeus didn’t waste the opportunity. He didn’t say maybe Jesus will come by again next month or next year; I will see Him when He comes again at that time. He didn’t postpone his day of salvation, rather he acted quickly, running as fast as he could until he got to a tree and climbed up. He positioned himself in a place where he wouldn’t miss Jesus. You too can position yourself rightly by praying to God and asking Him to help you out of anything you are tired of, whether it’s sin or a bad habit. The Bible says that now is the day of salvation, and now is the accepted time, so don’t delay!

Action plan: Think about those things in your life that you wish to change, the habits and attitudes that are not pleasant. Cry out to God about them and ask Him to help you get rid of them.

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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