Why did Jesus Come (VI) – Freedom From Sickness

Why did Jesus Come (VI) – Freedom From Sickness

Freedom From Sickness

Text: Isaiah 53:4-5, 1 Peter 2:24-25

God allowed Jesus Christ to be flogged(stricken), beaten, bruised, wounded and punished because He wanted Him to take away all the kinds of punishments and sicknesses that sin delivered to us when Adam and Eve sinned. He took all of the things that represent pain, discomfort and unrest and nailed them to the cross. In exchange for that, He gave you His heavenly health status and peace of mind and body. If He took it and nailed it why then do we still allow sickness? By faith you must reject anything that Jesus Christ has already taken on your behalf, you must not accept sickness of any kind anymore. No matter what you feel in your body or whatever doctors say they diagnose in your body, refuse sickness because what Jesus Christ took, He took once and for all. If He took it then it means whatever appears like sickness is not from Jesus Christ but either from satan or from you (if you don’t pay attention to eat right portions of healthy foods, clean water and practice good personal hygiene.)Be determine to manage your eating drinking and hygiene responsibly.

Declare: Sickness, hear the word of God, Jesus Christ has taken all my pain and sicknesses and nailed them to the cross, if He took you and nailed you there then you cannot return – because by His stripes I WAS healed then. Return to the cross where you belong in Jesus’ name, amen.

MV: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10b

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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