Why did Jesus Come (I) – Righteousness

Why did Jesus Come (I) – Righteousness

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:21

Before Jesus came into the world to die, the people tried their best to please God by obeying the law. But practicing a list of dos and don’ts could not make their bad hearts good. Physically they practiced the good things but their hearts could not become righteous by what they practiced. The second problem they had was that their spirits were dead so they could not relate with God who is a Spirit. Only the blood of a righteous man (Jesus Christ) could bring their dead spirits back to life, thirdly practicing the law could not remove the record of their past sin. Nothing they did or practiced could change their nature from sinful to righteous, but when Jesus hung on the cross, He took the sin of all sinners on Himself and in exchange, provided His righteousness for anyone who is ready to receive it. The blood He shed was able to remove records of past sins completely just as if we’ve never sinned (justification) ,  a brand new spirit(regeneration) in place of the dead one and transform sin-infested evil hearts to godly hearts(sanctification). Jesus took our place and gave us His righteousness just as if we never sinned; now that is awesome!!!   

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for coming to make die for me and make me righteous, Please help me to live the righteous life that you expect of me in Jesus name. Amen.

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