Who Is On The Lord’s Side

Who Is On The Lord’s Side

Exodus 32:26.

The above wordings were spoken by Moses shortly after descending from the mount where he had stayed to receive the tablets of commandment. It had happened that after his departure from the camp, the Israelites had backslided into sin and Aaron lost control of the leadership. This is quite reflective of our world today. Sin has become commonplace in the society and painfully, the Christian religion keep making up excuses why it should allow godless practices in order to keep it’s civility and the freedom of it’s dwellers, though to the detriment of the souls of men. Whose side are you?

Just as Moses stood when he saw the sinful wretchedness of the Israelites and cried out “Who is on the Lord’s side?”, so also the Spirit of God is searching for men who would stand up to the godlessness and sinfulness of our surrounding societies. He needs men who would stand in the place of prayer and spiritual warfare- Ephesians 6:12; stand in the gap of morality and godly upbraiding- Ezekiel 22:30; stand against the perilous and pernicious idolatry pervading the land- 1 Kings 19:18; and to stand to declare the unbridled judgment of God upon sin- Jonah 3:4.

The intentional separation of all the sons of Levi is worthy of note. The entirety of the tribe of Levi refrained themselves from the prevailing idolatry of the other multitudes. We have to be intentional in our decision to ensure that we and our family (biological and spiritual) remain unspotted and untainted by sin and the godless idolatry of our society- Joshua 24:15.

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