Who is Jesus Christ to you?: Saviour

Who is Jesus Christ to you?: Saviour

Text:  2Timothy 1:10, Acts 4:12, Matthew 1:21, 1John 2:1-2.  

Memory Verse: “And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world”. 1John 4:14   

After God created man (Adam) and woman (Eve) in his image and likeness, they were sinless and perfect. When they disobeyed God, sin entered and the godly image was destroyed. We needed someone without sin to show us the way back to God. The only option God had was to send his only Son Jesus Christ to show us the way and save us from our sins. Jesus came into the world to restore the lost relationship between man and God. He came as a man so that he could understand the challenges and struggles that we face in this world; he faced popularity problems, jealousy from the scribes and Pharisees, he was tempted to rule the world by the devil, he experienced hunger while fasting etc. Jesus went through all these, came out victorious and was qualified to save the world from sin because no sin was found in him; now the world calls him Saviour. A Saviour is someone who rescues or save people from harm or danger; this is exactly what Jesus did for us. A lot of people only know, see and take Jesus as the Saviour of the world; but he is much more than that. God saw that the world was going to be doomed because the sins committed by man kept increasing; He knew the world needed a Saviour so He sent his only Son to be that Saviour. Jesus Christ came to the world first as a Saviour; then he went ahead to be other things we know him as; deliverer, redeemer, healer, provider etc.

Meditation: Have you met Jesus as your saviour? If not why not turn to Him now and ask Him to save you.

Author Sis Chiamaka Ebenezer

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