When Esau refused to say “NO”

When Esau refused to say “NO”

TEXT: Genesis25:29-34, Hebrews12:16-17 

Sometimes people don’t say ‘no’ because they don’t know the value of what they would lose. Esau came home from the field hungry and exhausted while Jacob who was home, had made a very inviting pot of pottage.

When Esau asked his brother for some, instead of giving him the food, Jacob asked him for his birthright in exchange.

“What is the big deal about the birthright? It means nothing to me”, Esau must have thought to himself. He never bothered to ask why his brother wanted the birthright and he didn’t even consider the real value of it before trading it for a pot of pottage.

When people ask you for something you have so they can give you what you are really in need of, if you don’t know the value, you must say ‘no’ or at least ask them to wait until you find out its value from a reliable person.

When you do this you will be able to ascertain if the value is something small that you don’t mind exchanging or something big that you should save.

When Esau exchanged his birthright for food that day, he didn’t know that what he had given could buy him much more food in the future. He regretted his action but it was too late and he never got it back.


Father, help me to be discerning when faced with options. I pray that I will not lose something precious for the sake of something that is of less value in Jesus‘ name. Amen.

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