When Adam refused to say “No!”

When Adam refused to say “No!”

 TEXT: Gen 3:6-12, 17-19

Saying ‘no’ becomes difficult to say sometimes when the person asking for your consent is a friend or someone you are too careful not to offend.

It might interest you to know that sometimes after people sin, they try to get others to join them in their rebellion maybe to make themselves feel less guilty, to show that they are not alone or so they don’t suffer the punishment alone. You must be careful.

The Bible does not tell us what Eve said to Adam before he agreed to eat the fruit but it was clear from the passage that he knew that it was the very fruit God had warned them not to eat. Sin is an outright rebellion against God. Adam knew Eve had rebelled and instead of rebuking her sharply, he accommodated her action and finally joined her in rebellion.

Adam did not say ‘no’ to Eve perhaps because of fondness for her or because he was being careful not to offend her.  His decision to please Eve instead of God brought curses upon Adam and it birthed hardship that the world is still suffering from today. If he said no to Eve, we would not have been faced with so many troubles as the world is experiencing today.

Do people who are disobeying God try to convince you to join them? Have you been concerned that they would be upset with you? Have you been concerned that it would break your friendship with them instead of God? Whose friendship do you think matters more to your life; theirs or God’s? Then say ‘no’ to them.    


Lord, please destroy completely from my life every desire to impress other people above you, in Jesus’ name.


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