When Abraham refused to say “no!”

When Abraham refused to say “no!”

TEXT: Genesis 16:2-12

When Sarah got tired of waiting for the baby God promised them, she decided to ask Abraham to have her maid, Hagar so that the maid would have a child for Abraham.

She had planned that she would take the child and keep him as her son. Abraham did not object and shortly afterward the maid got pregnant, there were problems in the home because the maid began to disrespect Sarah. This made Sarah mad at the maid’s behaviour and she blamed Abraham.

Sometime later, the maid’s son, Ishmael too mocked Isaac, Sarah’s son. Ishmael grew into a wild, violent, and harmful man. From the time he was born until now, there have been fierce battles between the descendants of the two sons of Abraham.

Abraham had the option to say ‘no’ that day but he didn’t. Ishmael and his descendants would not exist today if Abraham had said ‘no’ to Sarah that day.

Say ‘no’ to anyone trying to make you get things done differently from how God wants you to get them done. Wait for God’s planned time and follow His way always.


I will follow God’s way all the days of my life. I refuse to make hasty decisions that will ruin my destiny. I will be patient to hear from God and do what He would have me do. Amen.

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