Ways to pray part I

Ways to pray Part I

Text: Matthew 6:9-13.

Memory Verse: This, then, is how you should pray: Matthew 6:9

Is it not exciting to know that there are many different ways to communicate with God and still get answers? Let us discover the different ways we can offer prayers to God from the scriptures.

Prayer of Adoration:  We focus on worshiping the Lord out of deep love, respect and admiration; Psalms 148:13.

Prayer of thanksgiving; We give thanks to God every day for life and when He blesses us and gives us our heart desires; 1Chronicles 16:34.

Prayer of Confession: Confessing our sins is a significant way to pray as Christians. We are reminded many times in the bible that God forgives those who confess their sins; Psalms 32:5.

Prayer of Vows: This prayer is a pledge to God when we need a life-changing testimony just like Hannah. It should be done with great consideration and certainty; 1Samuel 1:10-11.

Prayer of Quiet Reflection: This is a prayer of silence; and it doesn’t involve using too many words. It has to do with us going to a quiet place where we can gently reflect on God’s goodness. This type of prayer helps us to learn how to hear from the Lord and allow Him to guide our steps; Psalms 63:6.

To be continued…

Pray: Lord, teach me how to pray aright.

Author: Sis Chiamaka Ebenezer

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