Vision Dominates

Vision Dominates

Text: Matthew 14:28-30

Key Text: “But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.” MATTHEW 14:30 (KJV)

Seeing they say, is believing! But beyond this, seeing is a strong weapon to either life or death. In other words, by the power of vision, life is either encouraged to hope or discouraged to death.

What sinks men to the point of suicide is what they see, and what raises men is also by what they see. No man’s faith sinks into doubt except he has first seen impossibilities in his vision.

Peter’s short faith on the sea voyage to meet Jesus by walking on the water was truncated by his vision. Though at first, he had seen Christ Jesus and His power to make a mortal man walk on water, by the loss of control of his sight to the boisterous wind, his faith went down and he began to sink.

How many have journeyed with loads of faith but are now sinking to doubt because of what they are looking upon? How many have gone losing hope for gazing at the boisterous wind of the economy? How many have sunk into sin and the world for setting their eyes upon the mysterious wind of iniquity?

While our faith is essential to pleasing God, and winning the battle of life; yet, our faith can only be strengthened by our vision.

Therefore, as we journey onward through life, amidst challenges let our vision be dominated by Christ and His word; let our daily delight be: “we will see Jesus.”

Reflection For The Day: What sinks a man is a function of what he sees.

Author – Bro Michael Balogun

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