Touchstones For Encounter

Touchstones For Encounter

– Acts 10:1-4,33,44.

Touchstones are criterion or benchmarks that qualifies for something. The text above is a lively illustration of the encounter of Cornelius, who became the documented novel receiver of the Holy Spirit among the Gentile race. He exemplified a life of religious devotion, godly fear, charity, and a consistent prayer life. These are good “spiritual clouds” that precipitate into “divine rain”. They engender divine visitations, encounters, and revelations.

RELIGIOUS DEVOTION: The art and observance of religious practices with heartfelt fervor remains a sure component that positions believers for divine linkage- Luke 1:5-11. Any spiritual exercise devoid of the genuine and holy offering of our heart will only amount to mere Pharisaic show-off and emotional worship which the Lord detests. Matthew 23:23.

GODLY FEAR: Hebrews 12:28,29. Our righteousness is unacceptable without the reverential fear of God in our hearts. Many only pretend to fear God when they are in the presence of dominant spiritual figures or within the confines of spiritual worship buildings. We must always exhibit conscious awareness of God’s presence in our public and private affairs as a testament to our true profession of the Lordship of Christ over us. Matthew 15:8,9.

CHARITY: Charity as demonstrated by the show of genuine love and giving help to fellow humans are great attractions of divine presence and blessings- Hebrews 13:1-3. We must ensure the comfort and sustenance of others when God blesses us with financial or positional opportunities.

CONSISTENT PRAYER LIFE: Luke 2:36-38; Daniel 6:10. Religious adherence to our times of personal devotion aids in building spiritual capacity and maintaining a constant gaze upon Christ for our continuous transformation and perfection. We cannot know God beyond the capacity and grace we develop in the place of personal fellowship.

The text concluded with the outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon the household of Cornelius during the keen listening and reception of the gospel in their hearts- Acts 10:33,34,44-46. The word of God remains a key element that galvanizes our preparedness in faith and earnest expectation- Romans 10:8-11.

Bro A. Faola

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