Time And Season

Time and Season

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl 3:1)

The Lord in his omniscience created time in a varying fold and and made seasons a constantly changing reality. No matter how winter blasts, the sunny season will surely be welcome, and no matter how hot the season is, chill will come pouring upon the earth. The Lord created many realities, and one of which is the changing of season and a non-permanent time.

Relatively, seasons also come upon men, the season to merry and celebrate and the dreary season of pain and gloominess. The man who has not witnessed both realities should not protest its existence, rather prepare for the arrival of another season. 

Let him that weep in secret cleans his face off and take solace in the word of the wise preacher, though tarrying the gloomy season is, there is assurance of laughter; let him that is downcast with sadness be calmed by the soothing word of the preacher’s father, that “…joy cometh in the morning!”

If there is a hill, there must be a valley, if there is darkness, there must be light and if there is pain, there must be ease. God has the best in store for his children, but never did the promised us a journey without troubles, in-fact, he explicitly revealed what on earth we will encounter, but assured us of victory.

Be cheerful fearful saints, the sky you so much dread, shall in blessings break upon your head, and that which of all you dread, shall be the very source of testimonies and praises, when the dark season the Lord for you have overcame, and on your path shine the light that makes former darkness hidden in oblivion.  The dark season shall soon be forgotten, and a new time of happiness shall break forth, but this shall only come if steadfastly under his shadows you dwell and all his precepts you keep.

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