The Willingness Of God

The Willingness Of God

Matthew 8:1-3.

“I am willing to help you, as you want to be helped”- M. H commentary. This statement expatiates the response of Christ to this leprous man from the Bible text, and it is the focus of this piece. God’s readiness to perform and act on behalf of His children is far beyond our expectations. He can go to any length to give pleasure to those who are committed to Him and trust Him implicitly. The boundaries of God’s mercy and grace are determined by the status of our hearts and the willing obedience demonstrated in our outward disposition.

Just a bit further in the text (verses 5-13), we see another example of a soldier who brought the case of his paralyzed servant to Christ. From his converse with the Lord, he demonstrated an uncommon faith in the authority of Christ compelling Him to only speak a word of authority rather than a physical presence and reception in his home. The response of Christ shows us the utmost importance of our willingness for God’s help. Christ said, “As you believed, so let it be done for you”. This soldier’s willingness to ask for help drove Him to seek the face of Christ with unshaken faith and trust in His power, and Christ in response answered Him according to his faith. God has not changed, if we can imbibe the same attitude in seeking God’s face, His wonders, and marvelous works will be done in our lives.

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