The Secret Place

The Secret Place

Psalm 91:1.

In our world today, peace and security are two entities that every individual and nation desires. People and governments spend substantial resources on acquiring state-of-the-art technology to secure their lives and treasures. Ironically, the challenges always seem to overpower our efforts.

In our text, David speaks of a place where a believer can find peace, security, and ultimate rest. He calls it the secret place. The secret place is where human effort meets with supernatural enablement, a place where divinity aids humanity. This is no other place than the place of personal fellowship with God, a place of consistent devotion and residence in the presence of God. The secrecy of this place lies in the fact that it must be away from other men and the distractions of life- Matthew 6:6; Mark 1:35; 6:46.

There are many wrong notions and myths about the realities of the place of prayer in today’s sophisticated world. One of them is that we bring human dominance into the place of prayer. This is unacceptable and equivocally restrains the presence of God from our altar of prayer.

In the Psalm of David in our text, he portends “a man that dwells”. This translates to the only responsibility expected of a willing participant in fellowshipping with God, that is to “dwell”. Any individual who wants to obtain citizenship of any nation of the world would be willing to abide by every rule governing that nation. So also, God is the ruler and sovereign entity in the secret place. Therefore, we come to the place of prayer with intentional neglect of our domineering human nature, and completely submit to the Lord in the place of prayer- Isaiah 57:15. Our needs and demands are not top priority in the place of prayer. Rather, knowing the Lord and His will in the matter of our heart in that place- Psalm 123:2.

Meditation: Where are you dwelling?

Author Bro A. Faola

Verse 1:

Let me want what you want

Oh! My dear Lord

Let me love what you love

Oh! dear Lord

That is How you designed life to be Lord

Help me Lord to live How I ought to live


Oh! Lord take me to the place

Where I have no will

That is separate from Your Will

Oh! Lord take me to the place

Where I have no choice

That is separate from Your Choice

To be lost in You is my desire

To be all for You Is all I want

Verse 2:

Let my life bring You joy and not pain Lord

Let me live in Your plan For my life

That is living life at its very best Lord

That is living to Glorify Your Name

Verse 3:

Set me free from myself Oh my Dear Lord

From the ways of the flesh Set me free

So I can avoid the ways of regrets

So my life can bring pleasure to You Lord

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