The Regret Of Missed Opportunity

The Regret Of Missed Opportunity

1 Samuel 13:13,14; 2:30.

It is nearly impossible to recover a miscarried destiny especially when it’s voluntarily self-terminated. Such were the cases of the examples from the texts. Saul and Eli were privileged individuals who were birthed into a glorious covenant that should have transcended their lifetime. Alas, they conclusively ended their bloodline before God due to ignoble negligence and sheer disobedience. What a pity! How many countless lives have been lost in our generation due to these Saul-like and Eli-like patterns of missed trans-generational blessing.

Our world today is full of destiny terminators. These include individuals who have been mandated by the kingdom of darkness to seduce, swindle, and rob many of their God-ordained destiny- 2 Timothy 3:13. Aside from this, the enemy has also set up many activities to distract and ultimately derail men from coming into the full experience of fulfilling God’s purpose.

Avenues such as career upliftment, the rat race for wealth and popularity, ungodly adventures, games, fashion, and entertainment are some of the modes that the devil uses to shortchange men from realizing their potential in the kingdom- John 10:10.

The way out of this is by first abandoning every appearance of evil(sin)- 2 Corinthians 6:17. Having obtained eternal life through repentance and justification through Christ’s vicarious death, we must be watchful and seek to obey God unfailingly in all things. We must abandon all selfish ambition and all worldly attachment that contest with the will of God and fully cling to the cross of Christ.

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