The Priority and Potency of Prayer

The Priority and Potency of Prayer

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. Acts 6:4

In this text, the disciples were disciplined enough not to be carried away by activities but rather to call themselves into order lest they forget the most important service required from them as disciples. Giving food to widows is important but that is not the primary duty the disciples should be busy with, rather they understood prayers and the word are the most important items on their list.

A generation cannot experience God beyond the level of her devotion to prayers. The eternal principle of God from inception is that, when God is set to do something, He set the heart of men to pray. No matter what He has promised Men must lift the gates through prayer for the King of Glory to come and perform His work(Psalm 24: 7-10)

We have learned so much in this generation, we know about God through His word but we know Him in prayers. Prayer is beyond writing down prayer points, it is even beyond just talking to God, it is a fellowship with God which is beyond just receiving but rather about God pouring Himself unto us, prayers are about man aligning himself with the original purpose of God, prayer is about enthroning the will of God.

If prayer is important why do we make it the last option? If prayer is important why do we pay lip service to it? If prayer is important why do we have schedules for everything except prayer? The priority we give to prayer will determine the efficacy of her work in our life.

It is time to give priority to prayer, the most potent force on earth, the only place where heaven and earth commune, the only time the whole earth is under an influence that is greater than it, the supernatural. Prayer is not optional, prayer is not part of a multiple choice life rather, prayer is a priority, make it a priority today.

Author : Seun Oloruntoba

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