The Modernistic Bait

The Modernistic Bait

“Little Children, keep yourselves….” (1John 5:21)

The modern age is such a time with notable opportunities inherent and capable of progressing the work of the kingdom in a fast and unusual way. I am using my system to type this, you probably would have your reading on your smartphone, and would still be blessed!
Conversely, as much as it is agreed on the myriads of opportunities in our day, it is one with the lowest concern for God and less obedience to his words. There is a lot already being used as bait to trap Christians in our day, the system being run by the Devil, that displays in its care most of that which a believer desires to have. He has gold to give those willing to bow, there is promotion for those who will sell their faith and rank to those who deny Him.
All these are modernistic schemes ready to steal the faith of a careless believer. An instruction from a patriarch (John) was that we keep ourselves clean and unspotted from idols; the idols of jobs that steal our time of fellowship with the Master; the Idol of pleasure from social-media attendance and others.
Believers have indulged themselves in comfort that have resulted in death of their soul as they wanted to swim the tide of the modern age, while again, clearly we admonish ourselves, the modern reality could be the bane of many ease seekers. But, like Amos, we shall reject to dwell at ease, such that our purpose is jettisoned for that which is a mere bait to death!

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