The Lord’s House, House Of Prayer.

The Lord’s House, House Of Prayer.

SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Matthew 21:13, 1 Samuel 17:34-40.

“And He said unto them, “It is written, My house will be called a house of prayer. But you are making it a den of thieves!” Matthew 21:13 [HCSB]


 The bitter question is “Have we not contributed in what the Church has become today?”

If we look at the passage carefully, we will see that it is “We” (the Christians) that have made the church what it has become today.


Do we not celebrate idolatry more than Holy Service to God?

 Do we not celebrate testimonies of new car, house, new job, the death of “our enemy” more than the soul who just got saved?

The Church today is what we have made it to become. The church is now highly political that we have lost the very nature of Christ. We have left compassion and replaced it with obligations and unnecessary protocols.

Please read the conversation between Thomas Aquinas and Pope Innocent II:

Entering the presence of Innocent II., before whom a large sum of money was spread out, the Pope observed, “You see, the Church is no longer in that age in which she said, ‘Silver and gold have I none.’”—“True, Holy Father,” replied Aquinas; “neither can she any longer say to the lame, ‘Rise up and walk.’” Vide Acts 3:2–8.

How much can we stand to defend the gospel when it is abused? But we can rain literal curses on people when they talk about “Our So called spiritual father”

When we gather as a church do we have God’s interest at heart or we just do everything to hit the set target?

This was the order of the day in the days of Jesus Christ. Rather than fold his hands, like Nehemiah he took the bull by the horns.

God is in search of real ambassadors who are interested and prepared to establish his kingdom on earth. Those who will be loyal Him in spite of what may befall them.


The original intent of God for creating man is to make man his habitation.

We should randomly ask ourselves this question “Am I a building where God can dwell or have I turned myself to something else?”

The passage read unto our hearing in Matthew 21:13 said it was not the devil that turned the House of God that was supposed to be a house of prayer to a den of thieves; it was the same people who were supposed to be vessels of honour that has turned what God made to dishonour him. It is time to look inward.

1Corinthians 3:17- If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

 As God works on us on the inside, let us not continue to watch and celebrate those who are destroying the body of Christ from the outside. Let us make use of every chance God give us to turn the tables of those who have turned the house of Prayer to become a family business. Our loyalty must be to God and not flesh.

Many of us only criticize without having or becoming solutions to the progressive decadence of the church of Christ. It is high time we start digging our own wells so that we may flourish to feed the thirsty souls out there. Else, our oppositions and criticisms would be like a toothless bulldog who only barks to frighten but when a real fight ensue, bows in defeat.

For example, king Saul and the brothers of David. David’s brothers were valiant soldiers in Saul’s army but David who was loyal to God was able to turn the tables, defend the name of God and brought victory to the people of Israel.

We must desire to become a man like David. Can God really say concerning us that “we are men after His own heart?”

In conclusion, we must ensure that we remain a temple worthy of God’s presence at all times and that the church is continually a house of prayer.

Prayer: May the lord help us to be doers of the word by his spirit and not hearers of His word alone in Jesus name Amen.

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