The Inherent Inheritance Of Sons In The Kingdom

The Inherent Inheritance Of Sons In The Kingdom

LUKE 11:5-13.

This text begins immediately after the Lord Jesus gave the pattern of prayer to His disciples. He begins to talk about a person in need in the middle of the night, who goes to his friend seeking help to meet his need. This friend in need knew his friend has what he needed, and he can meet his needs. And so, the needy friend decided to wait on his friend till he received the needed help. Thus, Christ extols the virtue of patient waiting on God till we receive all our needs, desires, and expectations- Psalm 27:14; Luke 18:1. We wait on God in faith, prayers, worship, service, and continued dependence on His all-sufficient grace for our breakthrough.

Furthermore, the Lord gives a better and more assuring illustration of receiving from God. He likens it to the relationship between a father and his children. Remember the needy friend was locked outside of the door and had to knock continuously for his needs to be met. But consider if one of the children in bed with their father wakes up to ask the father for bread, he wouldn’t hesitate to meet his need to his satisfaction. So also must we see ourselves that being saved and adopted into God’s family, we have inherited through Christ, the glorious riches of grace and the kingdom. We can come to our heavenly Father with utmost confidence and assurance of receiving answers to all our needs. Luke 11:11-13; Hebrew 4:16.

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Author: Bro A. Faola.

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