The Heart And Art Of Worshiping God

The Heart And Art Of Worshiping God

– 2 Chronicles 1:6; 7:1-4.

The heart of worship refers to the centerpiece of our worship and the art of worship depicts our attitude and alignment for acceptable worship. We must have a cogent understanding of these vital components of worshiping and offering our sacrifices of praises to God both privately and publicly in the congregation of the saints.

Many of our worship sessions and praise fiestas today are riddled with fleshly and emotional motifs that only serve our pleasure and entertain our mind in temporal euphorious engagement. This does not rule out the fact that God loves worship neither does He have more inclination towards solemnly designed gatherings (Psalm 100:1-5). Rather, the prime purpose of our worship is in the lifetime submission of our hearts as a continuous fragrance of praise and a purified habitat for the presence of God- John 4:23. From the key text of this outline, we see Solomon offer sacrifice on a particular “bronze altar before the Lord, which was at the Tabernacle of meeting in Gibeon”. This altar was the altar fashioned by Bazaleel (Exodus 38) and consecrated for worship since the time of Moses many years before then. Our heart must remain a continuous, consecrated, and sacred platform for the praise of God to dwell.

Furthermore, our aptitude and alignment to the present required “offerings” of God add the much-needed savor of attraction of God’s presence and response- Psalm 51:17. His requirements vary from person to person and distinctly differ in different seasons or situations: it may be the breaking of the Alabaster box (Mark 14:3); or the sacrificing of Isaac “whom thou lovest” on the mountain (Genesis 22:2); or to sell all prized possession of the young rich ruler (Luke 18:22). In whatsoever “shape or size” His demands are, we must be desirous always to have knowledge of them and be completely willing to shift our position in alignment to His will.

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