The Great Life

The Great Life

John 16:33; 14:27.

If you ask people about what they think is a great life, many would tell you it’s a life filled with happiness and all the good things of life. While this may somewhat be true, we must understand that having all the good things in life does not necessarily equate to happiness and joyful satisfaction.

From the text above, Christ speaks about the challenges that abound in life and the certainty of some turbulence here and there. But then, He gives the panacea for living, which is the peace of God dwelling in our hearts regardless of any situation. No matter what curveball life throws our way, we have a divine supply of the peace of God which can keep our heart unfazed even in the face of imminent death- Philippians 4:7. We cannot have the peace of God if we don’t belong to Him. Many seek rest of their minds by drowning themselves in work, alcohol, or illicit substances and getting engaged in various societal ills, but they soon find out that these are portals to even more chaos and hopelessness. Real rest and peace are found in Christ and His ever-powerful and ageless word of truth- Matthew 11:28.

Many believers do not recognize the presence of God in their lives, thus allowing the storms of life to derail them and put them in jeopardy. We must come to this recognition and in faith call upon God to calm the storms and give us a smooth sail in peace and tranquility of mind- Luke 8:23-25.

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