The Foolish Virgins

The Foolish Virgins

Then the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. The five of them were wise, and five were foolish” Matt. 25:1-2

The story of the ten virgins is doubtless one of the evergreen stories of the bible. Painfully, this story is becoming a reality in our days, before our very eyes, and worst of all, we are falling victims of the foolish set of virgins. The awful fate of the unwise hapless virgins is becoming the lots of many known Christians today. While the ten virgins had no close analogy of their situation, how possible it is for a chaste virgin to be neglected by her groom upon whom she awaits; we do have the story of the 10 virgins, and the hapless lots of the 5 foolish ones, yet, we are unperturbed.

Many who have once been on fire for the Lord, and have for years kept the narrow path, now have their oil almost done, unfortunately, many in this pathetic group see no need to run to ‘Bethel’ for a refill, greater regrets of damnation shall be the lots of those who know the end of the five unwise virgins and end up meeting similar fate. Very neglible are those Christians who have extra oil today, the rest don’t care for extra-oil, in-fact, the oil of many is dried out, but they excuse their spiritual lethargy to their exerting jobs, citing the tight global economy engendered their tight schedule.

Just as the bridegroom arrived un-announced, our Lord shall in like manner appear to those who are keeping their garment white from filth and whose lamps are burning. Except a revival happens, if the Lord arrives today, many Christians are going nowhere, the lukewarmness and backsliding is un-precedented, and the carelessness so profound.

Oh foolish Christian be wise, thy Master shall soon appear, thine oil is far been trimmed and thine oil is far dried out, run now to Bethel while oil yonder can be bought, from faith thou art far removed, but the gentle voice of thy Master calls thee to repentance, come to Calvary where you first began, get oil for thy dead lamp, for the bridegroom shall soon appear. Be wise!

 Ahmed, O. W.

1. Rejoice, ye saints! the time draws near
When Christ will in the clouds appear,
And for His people call.

Trim your lamps, and be ready,
Trim your lamps, and be ready,
Trim your lamps, and be ready
For the midnight cry.
For the midnight cry,
For the midnight cry,
Trim your lamps and be ready,
For the midnight cry.

2. The trumpet sounds, the thunders roll;
The heavens passing as a scroll;
The earth will burn with fire. [Refrain]

3. Poor sinners then on earth will cry,
While lightnings flash from out the sky,
O mountains, on us fall! [Refrain]

4. Come, brethren all, and let us try
To warn poor sinners, and to cry,
Behold, the Bridegroom comes! [Refrain]

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