The Embers Of Revival

The Embers Of Revival

The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.” Lev 6:13

More particular than ever before, the Lord is set on pouring himself mightily upon us in this generation. But if there be a thousand and one prophecy of revival, or one and a hundred assurance of God’s outpour, if we fail to take our place in the place of prayer we will see nothing but the pervasive dryness, lukewarm-ness and emptiness. There is an ember of revival in our time that waits to be turned into fire by consistent and intense fanning of the embers through prevailing prayers.

I once lived in a local house where some women use wood-coal to make food, they set the charcoal on fire, then, the charcoal after a while through fire becomes embers; at that point if you want fire you can, through intense fanning of the embers. The embers after intense air turn to fire and burn. Relatively, the Lord has been kind upon us to grant us the embers of revival, but we have a duty of prayer. God is currently recruiting men, women and all who would care to be part of this august enterprise of revival through consistent prayer life.

Often times, the Lord makes demands of prayer upon us, but we end what the Lord intends to do by leaving the place of prayer earlier before His intention is birthed. The waiting and prayers of revival is not conventional nor the kind of traditional prayers we are used to; those who will excel in the enterprise of fanning the embers of revival in this season are (wo)men who will learn not to leave the secret place until the Lord sends revival. They are the (wo)men who will groan for souls in secret with strong tears that the Lord come in His power, they are those who will intercede for fallen and falling brethren, men who seeks nothing of the world but Jesus, men and women who seek God be enthroned in their days that souls may be saved from hell.

God is recruiting such men willing to wait in secret to fan the embers of revival, you can join today.

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