The Consequence Of Compromise: The Hagar’s Distraction.

The Consequence Of Compromise: The Hagar’s Distraction.

 Genesis 16:1-4,11,12.

This text in focus comes right after a great encounter that Abraham had with God. He had experienced a wonderful revelation with God with fathomable evidence of the futuristic fulfillment of God’s promise of an heir. But no sooner had he left this encounter that he was presented with a staggering deviation from the outlined plan of God for his life and his future generation. One might think to ask why Sarai seems to always be omitted from the wonderful worship and encounter moments of Abraham. Even worse, why didn’t Abraham intimate her with that which he had heard from God to quell this raging request from Sarai. As men and women of God, we must take great care in bringing our loved ones into the light and enlightenment we receive from the altar of our devotion to God. Another worthy lesson is in the fluffy submission of Abraham to the suggestion of his wife. It would seem as though he had considered this alternative and was only being held back by his marital commitment. So, the moment Sarai came up with the idea, his inbred lust was excited to jump at the chance. We must always submit our hearts and minds to God for continuous sanctification to stem any inbred adamic tendencies- James 1:14,15. Any unconfessed and unwashed besetting weaknesses sure remain a portal for temptation and the provocation of satan. We must allow thorough blood washing of every crevice and crannies of our mind.

The consequence of a “little” compromise can rob us of the joy of a lifetime. In the case of Abraham from our text, his family became divided, the element of distraction – Hagar became a thorn in his home, and the bastard son has remained a wild opposition to the Abrahamic covenant till today. It took God’s mercy and a fresh encounter after thirteen years to restore the promise and eventual delivery of the true son. We must be careful and watchful of any little deviation that seeks to derail us from our God-ordained purpose and calling.

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