The Caller’s Spring

The Caller’s Spring

Judges 15:19.

This topic is adapted from one of the ventures of Samson against the Philistines. The verses leading to this text speak of the disagreement he had against his supposedly Phillistian father-in-law who had given his wife to another person. This angered him and he retaliated in a manner that occasioned the death of the bride and the father-in-law. Samson is an epitomic example of the loss and dangerous consequences associated with alignment with people outside the circle of God’s grace- 2 Corinthians 6:14-16. We must remain within the confines of God’s grace for peace and deliverance from the onslaught of the enemy.

Eventually, there was a battle against Samson. He obtained a great deliverance from the Lord with the use of a discarded bone of a donkey as a weapon. But shortly after, he experienced a deadly thirst. He prayed to God and God used the same discarded bone to create a spring of water in the Philistian desert which gave rise to the name Enhakkore (the spring of him that called on God)- Isaiah 43:19. This teaches us a great lesson that as we fight the battle of the kingdom and go on conquering for God, we must remain abreast of our own inner need for the grace of God. We must never allow ourselves to become drained to the point of spiritual death, but rather continuously wait upon God for His grace to the replenishment of lost virtues and strength. Whenever we find ourselves worn out, we must call to the Lord’s spring that supplies grace in abundance and without measures.

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