The Blessedness Of a Little Effort

The Blessedness Of a Little Effort

Text Luke 19:1-5.

God recognizes every little effort we make in seeking Him, especially when done with a true heart. He never despises or belittles the sacrifice of the poor in Spirit- Mark 12:42,43. He is so pious that He will reward the littlest of efforts- Matthew 10:42.

From the text above, the man Zacchaeus sought to see Jesus. The scripture enumerated some things that could have hindered him:

Pride: His position and wealth could have puffed his mind to make him think he did not need the savior. Matthew 19:21-23.

Physical stature: His natural predisposition could have made him decide to accept his fate and say within himself that he was not destined to see Jesus because of natural impediments.

The crowd: The crowd can most times be an obstacle to reaching one’s goal.

Doubts: Doubts about Christ accepting his person could have hindered him.

All of these hindrances could not stop this man from demonstrating a leap of faith, which ultimately led the savior to make a detour in his home.

What is hindering you from coming into the supernatural experience of the master? Not all obstacles are meant for God to remove. We have a unique role to play in our quest to see the supernatural. James 4:7-10. 

The essence of the “sycamore tree” in the text: God’s grace and prayer are the little branches that serve as channels of help in our striving and longing. They will always lift us to new horizons beyond our present limited view of the savior.

Christ’s reception of Zacchaeus was divine and timely, his heart’s desire for salvation and reconciliation was granted. This shows us that no matter how little we think our efforts in pursuing God are, He knows and sees our struggles and He will receive us and grant our heart desires. Yea, much more than we think- Ephesians 3:20.

Author Bro A. Faola

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