Spiritual Lethargy Of The Last Days

Spiritual Lethargy Of The Last Days

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” – (Matt 24:12)

The last days upon us which have come, as promised by our Lord is to arrive with an attendant of profound iniquity which has not been known, and it will culminate into many – [once] hungry saints and prayerful Christians- becoming cold with little or no fire, love or worship to the Lord. Thankfully, we can run this checklist upon ourselves to know if the last days are here or not.

Spiritual lethargy is not difficult to know when it arrives; you simply relapse into a state of comfort and desire less of spiritual business by making prayer a task you wearily want to tick out. Shall we again begin to teach how a Christian soldier and worldly comfort cannot both coexist? Or how sacredly afraid a believer must become when he struggles in his secret place and retires prayers back to his to-do list he simply ticks out lest he forgets? These, among others, are indicators of a spirit filled life running into comatose, except a quick retreat and urgent stop for revival; it dies as many would in the last days!

There is neither a mix-up nor ambiguity in the Master’s prophecy, clearly, our Lord said, in the last days, many once vibrant brethren will choose worldly pursuits, career growth, money, influence and many more in place of our Lord; not that these things in themselves are sinful, but it becomes exactly that when we deprioritize our Master to prioritize our own master-plan.

The worse of this will be men who have lost the vibrancy of the altar and consecration would still keep the rituals of their morning prayers; many who no longer sap strength from the word of God would still read their bible in mere rituals and many who are far drawn away from the Lord would poorly assume their rituals hold substance while far from the source they’ve been removed. May we be sensitive in these last days, to know so early when our spirit man speaks his need to us, and may we receive steadfast grace not to slumber as others will until in faithfulness the bridegroom we see.

Verse 1
There is sin in the camp, treason today,
Is it in me, O Lord. Is it in me?
There is cause in our ranks, for defeat and delay.
Is it in me, O Lord, is it in me?
Verse 2
Something of selfishness, garment of pride,
Something of prayerlessness, a haughty heart;
Something why God doth His blessing keep withholding,
It is in me, O Lord, it is in me.
Verse 3
Oh take this heart of mine, deal with all sin:
Pride and the rein of self, you Lord replace;
Help me to bend the knee until revival comes.
And take Sin off our camp, do this today.

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