Shepherd Jesus – Snatching His Sheep From The Enemy

Shepherd Jesus – Snatching His Sheep From The Enemy             

TEXT: Mar 5:1-13.15, 19-20

In the graveyard by the Gadarene seaside, there lived a man troubled and tormented by a legion of demons. The demons took total control of his mind and body so that he couldn’t even remain in chains. He had become so wild that breaking the chains and fetters that tied him was probably as easy as tearing sheets of paper. Helplessly, he cried out in pain as he cut himself with stones night and day. His case seemed hopeless until Jesus came by one day.

When He sighted Jesus afar off, He ran quickly towards him and fell at His feet in worship. Jesus sent the demons out of him and he was delivered. His mind was healed and he lived a normal life again. When Jesus was leaving the city He asked him to go and tell his friends how God healed him. The man went about telling everyone he met around Decapolis town his story. He was once hopeless like a sheep in a lion’s mouth until Shepherd Jesus appeared suddenly, snatching him out of the demons’ mouth. Jesus changed him from a madman to an international preacher and evangelist; how awesome!

Pray: Lord Jesus, thank You for snatching me out of the hands of Satan. I’ve been delivered from the oppression of the enemy. I’ve been delivered from destruction. Praise the Lord!

Author : Karina Michael-Oyelade

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