Shepherd Jesus Protecting His Sheep (Children’s Devotional)

Shepherd Jesus Protecting His Sheep                     

Text: Mar 4:35-41

One day, Jesus and His disciples were traveling across the sea in a ship. He was at the back side of the boat and fell asleep as they journeyed. While He was fast asleep, a great storm of wind started and the waves beat hard on the ship. The force was so strong that it filled the ship with water and their lives were in danger.

They went quickly to wake Jesus up to protect them from the great danger of the storm. Jesus got up, commanded the wind to stop, and spoke peace to the sea. They were so amazed that the wind and sea heard and obeyed Him. They escaped death that day because Shepherd Jesus was right there to protect them.

Even today, He still protects His sheep from all types of danger, whether from people, demons, or any of His creations. As a child whenever you are in any form of danger Jesus is the best friend you can call upon, He is always present to help in times of trouble, He is closer to you than any danger.

Declare: I have Jesus in my life; He keeps me safe from harm. I rejoice because I am protected from every danger, and no evil shall befall me. Amen.

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