Shepherd Jesus- Guiding His Sheep (Children’s Devotional)

Shepherd Jesus – Guiding His Sheep                               

TEXT: Mark 6:30-35                                                                               

One day the disciples were busy working with Jesus and attending to the crowd that came to hear Him. After some time, He decided that they should go away from the crowd to rest and eat. Before they could make it to the place they wanted to go for their rest and food, the crowd had gathered there again. Instead of sending them away, He had compassion on them and decided to leave them.

He left them because He saw them as sheep without a shepherd. Moved by compassion, He began to teach them; why do you think He decided to teach them? As the good Shepherd, He knew that by teaching them, they would know things that would guide them into a life of safety, peace, and joy.

Shepherd Jesus still loves to guide the lives of those that come to Him. So, know that anytime you sit to read your bible or talk to Him in prayer, you are telling Him you need Him. And like He did for those who came looking for Him, He will teach you many things that will guide you into a life of safety, peace, and joy.

Pray: Lord Jesus, I am grateful for having You in my life. Be my guide and lead me all the days of my life. Keep me in a place of safety, peace, and joy. Amen.

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