Shepherd Jesus – Giving Quietness From Fear (Children’s Devotional)

Shepherd Jesus – Giving Quietness From Fear                              

TEXT: ACTS 27:21-38                                                                                                

While traveling by sea, Paul and some other prisoners experienced a wind so terrible that they thought they would not make it out alive. They were so worried that none of them could eat for about fourteen days. But God sent an angel to quiet Paul’s fears. The angel told him no one on the ship with Him would die but that the ship would be lost.

He believed God would keep His word and that they would arrive safely. So he went ahead and encouraged the others, informing them that they would be safe and not one hair would fall from the head of any of them. Because of the confidence he had in God, he took bread and began to eat, when the others saw that he was no longer worried and was able to eat, they were encouraged and started eating too.

They lost the ship as God told them, but they all arrived safely as he had assured them.  In a world with so much bad news all around, Shepherd Jesus guarantees peace, rest, and life without fear. As kids there are many things that may want to create fear in your heart but never allow such, always look to Jesus who has commanded peace and rest.

Declare: Fear has no hold on me because Jesus lives inside of me. His presence calms every storm and brings peace to my life. I am free from fear. Hallelujah!

Author: Karina Michael-Oyelade

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