Shepherd Jesus – All Round Care Giver (Children’s Devotional)

Shepherd Jesus – All Round Care Giver                 

TEXT: PSALM 23:1-5                                                           

David describes the Lord as his Shepherd who provides for all his needs. From the second to the last verse, he described how the Shepherd gave him all the care he needed. He didn’t just provide food, but more than enough food in a green, fresh pasture. He didn’t just provide him water, He provided water that was clean and still. When it was time to rest, He took him to the place where his soul was refreshed and restored. The Lord did not lead him just anywhere, but on the path of righteousness.

He did all this because of His name – the good Shepherd! And when David found himself in any situation that seemed like death was near, he was sure that the Lord would handle it so he didn’t need to fear. The Lord guided and also disciplined him with His rod and staff to keep him from going astray. And even with his enemies watching, the Lord made him live and eat in safety. The Lord took very good care of him, nurturing him with an overflowing supply of His oil.  All the days of his life, David lived in the presence of the Shepherd–under His caring watch, enjoying His goodness and loving mercy. What can be sweeter than being a sheep of Shepherd Jesus!!!

Declare: Jesus loves me and I am one of His sheep. He knows about all my needs and He exceeds my expectations. I flourish in His care.

Author : Karina Michael -Oyelade

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