Selfishness or helpfulness?

Selfishness or helpfulness?

EXODUS 2:16-19

 KEY TEXT: “And the shepherds came and drove them away: but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock.” EXODUS 2:17 (KJV)

In a society, there are different kinds of people who by their good actions: giving, advice, help, support; behaviours, cultural values, and other ethics have saved the life of others and have received a higher degree of respect.

On the other hand, there are some whose attitude and behaviour killed others, and have caused a great cry within the society. Their wicked work has caused many to be driven away from their source of life.

Our text revealed what could be a great wickedness to have someone who ought to be a helper but deliberately exercising great wickedness in failing from their primary responsibility. The shepherds not only failed in quenching the thirst of the flock, they also drove them away. They had no love or mercy; they were full of selfishness; they were utterly a destroyer of souls, wolves in sheep covering.

What kind of a leader, Pastor, elder are you? What kind of a parent and guardian are you? Like Moses, are you a helper in quenching the thirst of your family, friends and others or like the selfish shepherd, are you driving them away? Is your life pulling the thirsty one to Christ or pushing them away from drinking from the river of life?

Today, take a sober reflection on yourselves, where you are falling short, and seek for mercy lest the anger of God be kindled against you.

REFLECTION FOR THE DAY: If you cannot help to save, don’t help to kill.

Author: Bro, Michael Balogun

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