Passing The Test

Passing The Test

“… when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)

I could recall my years while growing up as a young child, enrolled into school with a purpose to learn and excel. Often, we get so tired of a particularly class and level after sitting in and learning a curriculum for a whole calendar year, eventually, we get to know that a promotional exam is on the way, this usually is often met with a mixed feelings of joy and fear, yes, we are glad we will move to the next level of knowledge and maturity, but with the fear of the demand of the exam itself; for the best of us can never predict what the teacher will set in his exam, we have the whole training course to glean and learn from. O how wide we must read and prepare to pass the test coming. Thankfully, God always help some of us to pass the exams to be promoted while I know some of our friends who had to repeat the class due to failure to meet the required pass-mark set by the institution.

Relatively, this also applies to our spiritual life, we must need to be tested on the trainings and teachings our Lord has expended through various means, and there is always no promotion without the test. Job had his test and came forth as gold, not just for his days alone, but for all who will travel this journey, he became an example for trials that must be passed; Abraham passed his test and was awarded the father of faith; Joseph passed his test which made him become a lord to his erstwhile Master- Potiphar, in the endless list of past and present patriarchs, we find even our Lord, having his test in Gethsemane, and would submit totally to His Father, “… Thy will be done”, that which has purchased our redemption today.

Our test may come in unique style, often tailored for our unique differences, as mine will not be yours, but though varying our cross could be, our destination is the same. The Lord is not like man, and would not promote those who fail, nor promote any without a test. We ALL will be tested, tried and examined if indeed we have counted the cost. But always, when we pass each test, we become refined as gold, renewed for greater works and posited for stronger testimonies.

Do not shudder in the face of your test, it won’t end your faith, rather, it is meant to build you as your test is a perfect fit for you, just as mine is a complete fit for me. Why not retire to Him in prayer, seeking the grace to pass your test, for faithful is He who has promised, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”

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