No “We” In The Decision of Faith

No “We” In The Decision of Faith

“Nevertheless my brethren who went up with me made the heart of the people melt, but I wholly followed the Lord my God” (Joshua 14:8).

Have you found yourself among friends where you alone had to take a decision that was contrary to the view of many but you validated it was the mind of God? Have you ever found yourself among believers where your stand seems contrary to many, some of who may even be your senior? Caleb had found himself in such a situation and the decision he took remains a landmark for all believers today. Caleb made up his mind to be personal with God, he was ready to stand as a one-man army, even though it was he and Joshua that stood, he saw his standing as a person standing and he said “I wholly followed the Lord” not “we wholly followed the Lord.”

If you want to be much for God, you have to be personal with God. There is no collective decision of faith, only singular. All the men that God used and who walked this pilgrim’s journey successfully were personal with God, they never waited for the validation of men before following the Lord.

From Abraham when he left Haran, there was no record that a man has done what he did before and he was singular in his decision to follow the instruction of God, Caleb was singular in his decision, he never said give us this mountain but rather he said “give ME this mountain”(Joshua 14:12), Joshua’s decision was singular “As for ME and MY house we would serve the Lord. Paul was personal; for ME to live is Christ” and Jesus was singular ” I will do the work of MY father while it is the day”.

Therefore, stop looking to others in making your allegiance to God, there is no “WE” in the decision of faith, the only pronoun that heaven recognizes is “I” because God created you as a single soul, and therefore walking this pilgrim’s way is a singular journey, others on the way are just to encourage you but never to make decisions for you. Decide for God today, you do not need any collective approval. No man has ever become anything for God while waiting for human approval to decide for God. Don’t ever be discouraged that you are standing alone for truth among several, there is power in the decision of a single soul and God is always depending on that single man.

Author : Seun Oloruntoba

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