Miracle is not Magic

In the encounter of Moses with the magicians in Egypt, recorded in Exo. 7: 22, “But the Egyptian magicians did the same things by their secret arts.” From this scripture both Moses and the Magicians turned the rod into a serpent but while one was a miracle, the other was magic.

Therefore miracle is not just about what happened, but rather about who is behind the occurrence, who is revealed and glorified after the whole episode, and must be an affirmation of the revelation of God to man.

While God was trying to reveal Himself to both the Israelites and Egyptians at the same time so they can understand who He is, the magicians were doing all they could do to show supremacy and relevance among the people, it is the glorification of the flesh rather than the spirit. Therefore, for every miracle you have received, God expects you to progress the journey towards knowing Him, it is not expected to be a supremacy battle like a magician.

Each of these miracles that the Lord has done for us is expected to be like a foretaste of God, just as the scriptures say in Psalm 34: 8 “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.” It would be foolish of any man to taste God’s wonderous grace and power and not continue in the exploration of God. Today, can you review all the miracles that God has done for you, does each takes you further and deeper with God?

The intent of God is, as you taste the living stream of God, you will long to dig deeper and even sell all that you have to know this God. If the miracles of God in your life have not increased your knowledge of knowing him, maybe you have taken God for a magician instead of a miracle worker.

Always use every miraculous experience as a springboard of faith to know God more.

Author : Seun Oloruntoba

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