Lo, I am with you alway

Lo, I am with you alway

Matt. 28 v. 20

This living Christ is not the person that was, but the person that still is, your living Lord. At Preston Pans, near Edinburgh, I looked on the field where in the olden days armies were engaged in contest. In the crisis of the battle the chieftain fell wounded. His men were about to shrink away from the field when they saw their leader’s form go down; their strong hands held the claymore with trembling grip, and they faltered for a moment. Then the old chieftain rallied strength enough to rise on his elbow and cry: “I am not dead, my children, I am only watching you—to see my clansmen do their duty.” And so, from the other side of Calvary He is speaking; we cannot see Him, but He says, “Lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of the world”; and He puts it, “I am”—an uninterrupted and continuous presence. Not “I will be,” but the unbroken presence still is with us forevermore.

Soon the conflict shall be done, Soon the battle shall be won; Soon shall wave the victor’s palm, soon shall sing the eternal Psalm; Then our joyful song shall be, I have overcome through Thee.

Culled from Days of heaven on Earth – A. B Simpson

Meditation: Whenever fear or doubt arises, remember that God is with you alway even to the end of the world.

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